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Innovfest Suzhou is a leading international Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival in China that is co-organized by National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute (NUSRI), BLOCK71 Suzhou and NUS Enterprise. This event is committed to building a key cross-boarder platform to link China technology companies with innovations overseas, especially innovations from Singapore and beyond. It has been held for 5 consecutive years since 2015, attracting more than 2,100 institutions and 4,100 participants, and have showcased more than 300 technological innovation projects from over 10 countries and regions. Supported by the governments of the two countries, the event has helped a number of projects or enterprises to successfully land, obtained financing or collaborations. The event has become a signature event for promoting innovation and entrepreneurship cooperation between China and Singapore.

Innovfest Suzhou 2019 will have networking events, investor panel and focused sessions that include Modern Aging, Smart & Green Technology Application, Ecological Restoration and Sino-Singapore Entrepreneur Forum, covering digital medical, medical care, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, intelligent manufacturing, green energy, pollution control and other scientific and technological fields.There were 118 presentations, 39 exhibition booths and 7 concept projects in this year Innovfest Suzhou. 89 technologies and products were shared during the 2-day event: 49 of them come from Singapore. There were a total of 704 companies and organizations that attended: comprised of 493 tech companies, 70 investment firms, 110 universities and research institutes. More than 1330 people participated at the event.

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9月25日 9:30-12:00 Opening Auditorium
14:00-17:30 Sino-Singapore Entrepreneur Forum Auditorium
13:30-17:30 Modern Aging Room 104
14:00-17:30 Functional Foods Symposium Room 105
13:30-17:30 Project Pitching Room 106
9月26日 9:00-17:00 Ecological Restoration Auditorium
9:00-15:00 Smart Green Technology Application Room 104
9:00-12:00 InnovAlley + Startup Kafe Room 105
9:00-12:00 2nd Dushu Lake International Youth Scientific Forum Room 106
9月27日 9:00-12:00 China Immersion Session (By invitation only) Room 106
14:30-20:00 Business Matching & Networking with Shanghai Business (By invitation only) Shanghai
  • Opening
  • Sino-Singapore Entrepreneur Forum
  • Modern Aging
  • Functional Foods Symposium
  • Project Pitching
  • Day 1: 25 September 2019 (Wednesday)
    Venue: Auditorium
  • Time
  • 9:00
    Event Registration
  • 9:30
    Opening Remarks
    Prof. XU Guoqin

    Director, National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute

  • 9:35
    Opening & Welcome
    Suzhou government official
  • 9:40
    Industry 4.0: Myths and Promises
    Prof. HO Teck Hua

    Senior Deputy President and Provost, National University of Singapore

  • 10:10
    Distinguished NUS Alumnus Fireside Chat

    Prof. CHEE Yeow Meng, Associate Vice President, National University of Singapore

    Guest Speaker:

    Mr. Jixun FOO, Managing Partner at GGV Capital

  • 10:40
    Opening Keynote: "Flexible Electronics" + Future Industry
    Prof. HUANG Wei

    Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Member of the Party Standing Committee and Deputy President of Northwestern Polytechnical University

  • 11:10
    Discussion Forum: High-tech Innovation: Leading the New Phase of Sino-Singapore Cooperation

    Mr. LU Shangyuan, Director Marketing at SSinolog Properties


    Ms. TEO Xin Wei, Regional Director (North China),Enterprise Singapore

    Mr. ZHANG Dongchi, Director, Suzhou Science and Technology Bureau

    Dr. ZHOU Qinwei, COO of Innovent Biologics

    Mr. Jeffrey TIONG, Founder & CEO of PatSnap

  • Track A: Sino-Singapore Entrepreneur Forum
    Venue: Auditorium
  • 14:00
    Opening & Welcome
    Dr. KOH Poh Koon

    Senior Minister of State at Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore

  • 14:10
    The Road to Entrepreneurship: Romancing the Start
    Mr. Jeffrey TIONG

    Founder & CEO, PatSnap

  • 14:30
    Bringing Innovation to the International Market Through Singapore
    Mr. Kelvin KEE

    Director, International Engagement Department; Chief Representative, China Representative Office, Intellectual Property Office of Singapore

  • 14:50
    Innovative City Composes New Movement of China-Singapore Cooperation
    Mr. YAP Tong Teck

    Vice President, China-Singapore Suzhou Industrial Park Development Co., Ltd.

  • 15:10
    How can Tech Companies Innovate in Singapore
    Mr. Andy CHUA

    Regional Director (Eastern China), Singapore Economic Development Board

  • 15:30
    Real Estate Technology - Moving towards Excellence with CapitaLand
    Mr. Charles CHAN

    CEO, China Industrial Park, CapitaLand

  • 15:50
    How Chinese Enterprises Explore Market Opportunities in Southeast Asia
    Mr. Adrian LIM

    CEO & Co-Founder of PT PopBox Asia Services, Director of Innovation Factory, Partner of BLOCK71 Indonesia

  • 16:10
    Discussion Forum: Scale up Globally with Sino-Singapore Cooperation

    Mr. TAN Chow Khong, Chairman of SIP Foreign Businessmen Association, Managing Director at TF-AMD


    Mr. GENG Jing, Executive President of Greenland Group, Chairman and president of Greenland Financial Holdings Group

    Mr. James TONG, CEO of Movitech

    Mr. HE Zhiyong, Chairman, Suzhou Hanxuan Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

    Mr. WANG Bin, Founder and CEO of Taidii

  • Track B: Modern Aging
    Partner:ASK Health Venue: Room 104
  • 13:30
    Opening & Welcome
    Suzhou Health Commission Official
  • 13:35
    Aging Policy and Evolution Trend and Innovative Solutions
    Dr. FENG Wenmeng

    Researcher, Social Development Research Department, Development Research Center of the State Council

  • 13:55
    Home Health Care and Aged Care in China
    Dr. YAO Nengliang

    Chair of the Membership Taskforce at the American Academy of Home Care Medicine, Professor, School of Health Care Management, SDU

  • 14:15
    Why Senior Living will be Popular in China as New Lifestyle
    Mr. Tony WANG

    CEO, Watermark Senior Living China Limited

  • 14:35
    Aging Lifestyle and Consumption Trend
    Mr. DUAN Mingjie

    CEO of AgeClub

  • 14:55
    Modern Andrology for the Modern Aging Man
    Mr. Nicky Agahari

    T3 Engine (Boston Scientific Innovation Center APAC) leader, Coach of MIT Bootcamps, Harvard & MIT Health Innovation

  • 15:15
    Mobility in the Silver Age
    Prof. William LEE

    Adjunct Professor, ARC, Faculty of Engineering, NUS

  • 15:35
    Intelligent Adaptive Robotic Prosthetic Hand
    Sinorise Intelligent Robot Co., Ltd
  • 15:45
    Hand Function Intelligent Rehabilitation Training System
    Shanghai Normal University
  • 15:55
    FathomMammo - A Breast Cancer Detection System Based on Artificial Intelligence Algorithm
    FathomX Pte. Ltd.
  • 16:05
    Functional Foods Based On Plant Nutrition Enhancement Technology
    Suzhou Leidan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
  • 16:15
    Discussion Forum: Bellwether of 2020 Aging Industry

    Dr. LIU Chang. Managing Director, ACCESS Health International

    Mr. Kelvin TAN, Director, Corporate Partnerships, NUS Enterprise, Director, Business Development, Smart Systems Institute

    Mr. DONG Peng, Vice president at 17Doubao.com

    Mr. XU Yafeng, Vice General Manager, Rehabilitation Dep of Sinopharm Healthcare

    Mr. Danny SU, Director of Greater China, investments, Singtel Innov8 Ventures

    Mr. FANG Wei, Executive Director, Ehong Capital

  • Track C: Functional Foods Symposium for Healthy Aging
    Partner:NUS Food Science & TechnologyVenue: Room 10
  • 14:00
    Welcome Address & Introduction of NUS FST Development History, Current Status and Future Prospects
    Prof. HUANG Dejian

    Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Food Science & Technology Programme, NUS

  • 14:10
    The Development of Functional Foodunder Biomedical and Healthcare Background
    Prof. XIE Yunfei

    Deputy Director, School of Food Science and Technology, Jiangnan University

  • 14:35
    Developing Functional Foods for Health Needs
    Dr. DONG Zhizhong

    Technical Director, Center for Nutritional Needs and Metabolic Mechanisms, COFCO NHRI, Member of council of CCOA

  • 15:00
    Plukenetia Volubilis Linneo and its Research and Application
    Prof. DU Bing

    Deputy Director, College of Food Science, South China Agricultural University

  • 15:25
    NUS FST 20th Year Anniversary Celebration Ceremony
  • 15:40
    Research on Edible Oil Nutrition and Safety
    Dr. ZHENG Chao

    Manager, Yihai Kerry Research and Development Center

  • 16:05
    Antagonistic Yeast Control for Degradation of Apple Patulin and its Mechanism
    Prof. ZHANG Hongyin

    Deputy Director, School of Food and Biological Engineering, Jiangsu University

  • 16:35
    Soybean Pulp, Start-Up and So Much More
    Dr. VONG Weng Chan

    Scientist at Firmenich

  • 16:55
    Study on the Structure and Functional Properties of Soy Protein
    Prof. SUI Xiaonan

    Deputy Director, Department of Food Engineering,College of Food Science, Northeast Agricultural University

  • 17:15
    Engaging Your Consumers in Digital Era - New Perspective of Functional Food Marketing
    Ms. Rochelle HUA

    Director, Smart Retail, Tencent Group

  • Track D: Project Pitching
    Venue: Room 106
  • 13:30-17:30
    Close-door Roadshow (12 projects) (by invitation only)
  • Business Networking Banquet
  • 18:00-20:30
    Business Networking Banquet (by invitation only)
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Smart Green Technology Application
  • InnovAlley + Startup Kafe
  • 2nd Dushu Lake International Youth Scientific Forum
    • Day 2: 26 September 2019 (Thursday)
    • Time
    • Track A: Smart Green Technology Application
      Venue: Room 104
    • 9:00
      Services 4.0 - The Future of Services
      Mr. CHNG Ken-Wei

      Centre Director (China) at Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore

    • 9:20
      AI Make Urban Transportation Easier
      Prof. Der-Horng LEE

      Elected Fellow at Academy of Engineering Singapore, Director of PCITECH Global AI Technology Research Institute, Professor at the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, NUS

    • 9:40
      Digital Platform to Open a Bright Future of Smart City
      Mr. REN Ke

      Director (Smart City Solutions) at Huawei International (Singapore)

    • 10:00
      Robotics Towards Quality Living for All
      Prof. Marcelo H. ANG Jr

      Ag Director, Advanced Robotics Center, National University of Singapore

    • 10:20
      Versioning Big Data Management: Technical Challenges and Landing Scenarios
      Dr. LIN Qian

      Senior Researcher, School of Computer Science, National University of Singapore

    • 10:40
      Industrial Application of Deep Machine Learning Algorithm
      Suzhou Qizhi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
    • 10:50
      Revolutionary Gas Storage Technology
      NewGen GAS Pte. Ltd.
    • 11:00
      Wireless Communication, High-Speed Photoelectric Communication Chip
      Suzhou Qizhi Information Technology Co., Ltd.
    • 11:10
      Unmanned Intelligent Restaurant Solutions
      Suzhou Tedia Information Technology Co., Ltd.
    • 11:20
      Flexible Micron Fiber Sensor
      Microtube Technologies Pte. Ltd.
    • 11:30
      Portable Fluorescence DNA/RNA Reader
      Suzhou Uni Sci Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
    • 11:40
      A New Type of Water Retaining Agent for Crops
      NUSOIL Pte. Ltd.
    • 11:50
      Eubiq Socket Track System

      Solar Airconditioning Electrical Services Pte. Ltd

    • 12:00
    • 13:30
      Eco Hi-Tech city, Low Carbon Smart Island
      Mr. Zac TAN

      General Manager of International Water Hub

    • 13:50
      AI Leads to Intelligent Building
      Mr. WU Zicheng

      iFLYTEK Chief Product Officer of BIM

    • 14:10
      Autonomous Underwater Vehicle and Autonomous Unmanned Vehicle
      BeeX Autonomous Systems Pte. Ltd.
    • 14:20
      VR/AR Teaching System

      VRtist Lab Pte. Ltd.

    • 14:30
      HIMS-BEST Business Excellence Software Solutions
      HIMS Management & IT Consultants PL
    • 14:40
      AI - enabled Wood Processing Industry
      Singapore Carpentry Interior Design
    • 14:50
      Child Care and Kindergarten IT Solutions
      Taidii Pte. Ltd.
  • Track B: Ecological Restoration
    Partner: Hanxuan Testing Venue: Auditorium
  • 9:00
    Opening & Welcome
    Suzhou Government Official
  • 9:05
    Construction of Micro-nano Functional Materials and Application in Environmental Treatment
    Prof. LU Jianmei

    Vice President and Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee in Soochow University

  • 9:35
    Overview of NERI and Introduction of an Online Biosensor for Detection of Heavy Metal in Wastewater
    Prof. NG How Yong

    Director, NUS Environmental Research Institute

  • 10:05
    Key Technologies for Sampling Soil and Groundwater in Contaminated Sites
    Prof. SHI Weilin

    Professor, Suzhou University of Science and Technology, Deputy Director of Jiangsu Province Environmental Science and Engineering Key Laboratory

  • 10:35
    Monitoring Technology and New Progress of China Soil Environmental Status Survey
    Mr. ZHAO Xiaojun

    Researcher, China National Environmental Monitoring Center

  • 11:05
    Soil Self-monitoring and Site Investigation of Steel Industry Enterprises
    Dr. WU Jian

    Chief Engineer, Jiangsu Academy of Environmental Industry and Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 11:35
    Third-party Environmental Testing Mode Centered with Soil and Groundwater
    Dr. XU Wei

    Managing Director, Suzhou Hanxuan Testing Technology Co., Ltd.

  • 13:30
    Discussion Forum: Technology Innovation in Soil Environmental Remediation Industry

    Prof. WANG Jinsheng, Colleague of Water Science, Beijing Normal University


    Prof. HUANG Zhanbin, School of Chemical & Environmental Engineering, China University of Mining and Technology

    Mr. LIANG Xin, General Manager of Bochuan Environmental Remediation (Beijing) Co. Ltd

    Mr. GAO Jie, Secretary-General of ZOL Zhongxin Soil Remediation Industry Technology Innovation Alliance

    Dr. ZHANG Xuanbo, Vice Chief Engineer of Nanjing University Ecological Research Institute of Changshu

  • 14:10
    Guidelines for the Preparation of Emergency Plans for Sudden Environmental Incidents in Jiangsu Province
    Mr. YANG Jide

    Associate Researcher, Nanjing Institute of Environmental Sciences, Ministry of Ecology and Environment

  • 14:40
    New Technology of Serial VBBRProcess for Sewage Treatment
    Prof. ZHANG Yongming

    Professor at School of Environmental and Geographical Sciences, Shanghai Normal University

  • 14:50
    Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil Remediation Technology Based onHot Mineral Mixed Materials
    Mr. PU Min

    Chief Engineer, SINOCHEM Environmental Restoration Co.,Ltd

  • 15:00
    Wet Remediation Technology of Organic Contaminated Soil
    Mr. WANG Minghui

    General Manager, Shanghai Jingtu Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • 15:10
    Principle of Mineral Microcapsules and its Application in the Restoration of Acid and Alkaline Cultivated Land
    Mr. CHEN Ming

    Researcher, Institute of Mineral Resources, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences

  • 16:10
    Research and Application of Petroleum Hydrocarbon Degradation Bacteria
    Mr. GAO Yunfei

    Vice Chief Engineer, Soil Research Center, Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co. Ltd

  • 16:40
    High-concentration and Refractory Organic Wastewater Treatment: Challenges and Technical Prospects
    Prof. SHI Xueqing

    Professor at School of Environment and Municipal Engineering, Qingdao University of Technology, Technical Consultant of China North Energy and Environment Group Co., Ltd

  • Track C: InnovAlley & Startup Kafe
    Partner: SKEMA Business School Venue: Room 105
  • 9:00
    Innovation Effectiveness: The issue of Strategy-innovation Fit
    Dr. Philippe CHEREAU

    Director, SKEMA Ventures

  • 9:20
    Roadshow & Mentor Guidance (8-10 projects)
  • 11:50
    Award Ceremony
  • Track D: 2nd Dushu Lake International Youth Scientific Forum
    Venue: Room 106
  • 9:00
    Opening & Welcome
    Three Institutes Federation of Overseas Chinese
  • 9:10
    Opening & Welcome
    Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese of SIP, Suzhou
  • 9:20
    Reports on Scientific and Technological Research and Innovation Achievements (8-10 projects)

    National University of Singapore (Suzhou) Research Institute

    Xi’an Jiaotong University Suzhou Academy

    Suzhou Institute of North China Electric Power University

    Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University


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